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No Paperwork

From start to finish we take care of the whole process for you from the comfort of your own home.  Our Right to Buy  specialist advisors assess whether you qualify for the scheme, evaluate the value your social landlord will place on your home, the level of discount you are eligible for, the purchase price and most importantly, the monthly mortgage cost.


If owning rather than renting makes financial sense to you, a regulated mortgage advisor will put the funding in place for you. Our Right to Buy specialist advisors will then take care of the RTB 1 application form on your behalf, ensuring you are applying for the maximum discount you are entitled to; there are 5 areas of discount that are little known to many tenants, this alone could reduce the discounted purchase price significantly, saving you £1000’s, one very important reason why you should work with experts in this field. At this stage you have signed no contacts with us and you have parted with not one penny of your own money.


You will receive a discounted purchase price from your social landlord, we will then hand your case over to the expert regulated mortgage advisors we work closely with and they will take over your case to completion. You now own your own home.


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